Medicaid and SSN

As a single mom, getting your Medicaid benefits is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Your health bills can be taken care of by the government through its Medicaid program. But for you to take full advantage of this program, you need to be familiar with some of the process of getting on the Medicaid program as it relates to your Social Security Number (SSN). In this article, we’ll discuss some questions that should help you get started on the Medicaid program and SSN.

Can you get Medicaid if you are on Social Security?

Yes, you can get Medicaid even if you’re on social security. Both programs are independent of each other. You have to register for each program differently. Before you commence your application, be sure to check if you’re eligible for both programs. Visit to learn about your eligibility for both programs.

Does Medicaid pay for everything?

No. Medicaid doesn’t cover all of your medical bills. It covers essential medical services. These medical services include doctor visits, inpatient hospital treatment, outpatient hospital or clinic care, ambulance service, prescription of drugs, laboratory and X-ray services, etc. Visit to learn more about Medicaid coverage.

How do I apply for Medicaid?

If you’re 18 years and above, you’re qualified to apply for Medicaid. You can apply either through your local Home and Community Service (HCS) office or online. The application process is divided into three major parts. You’ll have to fill out and submit your application form. Afterward, a financial review to ascertain your financial eligibility will be done. Then personal care needs appraisal will be done to determine your functional eligibility. For more information, please visit

Who qualifies for Medicaid?

As an American citizen with financial needs, you qualify for Medicaid. You could be aged, blind or disabled; Medicaid has extensive health coverage for you. If you’re a single mom, you are eligible for Medicaid because you’ve got a minor or a teenager in your care. As a pregnant American woman, you are eligible for Medicaid also. Endeavor to visit to learn how you can qualify for Medicaid.

Can you get Medicaid without SSN?

No, you’ll need to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to become eligible for Medicaid. This doesn’t mean that you’d be denied access to Medicaid. It means when you apply for Medicaid, the application officer will advise and possibly help you to apply for your SSN. But you won’t be denied health coverage while your application for a Social Security Number is being processed. Visit to learn more about your SSN.

Do you lose Social Security if you go on Medicaid?

Your social security might be affected if you apply for the Medicaid program. It depends on several factors. As your Medicaid eligibility is based on your income level, then your social security benefits can affect your eligibility for Medicaid. Visit to learn more about the Medicaid program.

Do I receive cash benefits on the Medicaid program?

No, you don’t receive cash benefits from Medicaid. As a qualified citizen, you only get medical benefits. These medical benefits may include medical tests, drug prescription, hospitalization, dental health coverage, vision coverage, doctor visits, etc. But you should note that some benefits might not be included in your Medicaid coverage. This is because health coverage differs for individuals. Ensure you visit to learn more about Medicaid benefits.

What do I need to verify my income on the Medicaid program?

For you to qualify for the Medicaid program, your income will be verified by a Medicaid officer. Verification of your income can be done through any of the following ways: copies of your check reflecting your gross income, your wage verification form (Form 809), a written statement from your income source, award letter, verification of other income sources (form 139) and your pay stubs. Medicaid verifies your income to maintain a comprehensive statement of all your income. To learn more about verifying your income, visit

Do the State Medicaid program cover additional medical services?

Yes, some states Medicaid programs cover additional medical costs beyond the necessary expenses covered by the federal government. Patients are charged a co-payment fee for other medical services rendered. The coverage provided and the co-payment paid by the patient is used for any of the following medical services provided: dental care, hearing and testing aids, chiropractic care, some prescription drugs Medicaid doesn’t cover, eye examination and glasses, preventive screenings, physical therapy, etc. Visit to learn more about additional medical coverage.

What are the income requirements for Medicaid?

The income requirements for the Medicaid program varies from state to state. But the income requirements are generally is based on the federal government poverty level. The Medicaid officer in your state will help you understand the guidelines for your state. Also, your assets are taking into account when determining your eligibility for the Medicaid program. Assets like bonds, stocks, funds in your savings account, properties other than your current home, additional vehicles, etc. are used to assess your Medicaid financial eligibility. For more information, visit to get an updated guide on Medicaid income requirements.