Online Dating: Single Moms’ Struggle

Online dating can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it as a single mom. Of course, no one in the mid-thirties and above intends to find themselves dating again. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the reality for most of us. You may wonder – what does dating look like in the mid-thirties? Whichever thoughts are running through your mind right now, the truth is – we all deserve to love and to be loved. However, being a single mom has a lot of challenges. The struggle is real! But knowing that there will come a time of celebrating a new love story in your life brightens your world.

Safety Measures for Online Dating as A Single Mom

Because online dating can be a challenging experience, the following safety tips will help you navigate through the struggle:

Avoid by All Means Using Your Real Name in Your Dating Profile

Exposing too much about yourself can be dangerous. Instead of using your real name, why not create something that makes it easy for someone to find you? You don’t have to give all the details about yourself – name, job, or year of birth. You should keep such information as private as possible.

Be Careful What Private Information You Place on Social Media

If you have to reveal something private about yourself on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other platform, be careful what you expose. Some people are very idle and are just waiting to find something they can use against you – to destroy your reputation and self-esteem. So, stop publicizing your private life on social media.

Your Comfort Matters A Lot

If you feel the chatting is making you uncomfortable, please stop it immediately. Even if the date you arranged does not go well with you, it is not wrong to cancel it. After all, this person is a stranger to you. And what if you are already on a date and the person is acting way too sexual? Is that making you uncomfortable? Well, it is time to leave. You need to be comfortable with whatever you are doing.

Don’t Enter into Someone’s Car on Your First Date

You will be risking if you let yourself in someone's car on a first date. It is important to take things slow. Getting to know someone well takes some time. For this reason, don't even agree if they offer a free ride back home. Do you know why? This person might have been drinking or drank already before meeting you. And you don't want to take the risk of "them" driving drunk. Also, you may suffer date rape. So, don't accept to take risks not worth taking.

Avoid Scheduling Dates in Private Places.

Schedule dates where you can be easily seen. Avoid going to isolated places with a stranger.

You Don't Have to Go With "The third Date Equals Sex" Rule

You should engage in physical intimacy when both of you are ready to do so. No need to rush. If you have to have sex with someone, ensure you get tested first.

Avoid Sending Nudes to People You Just Met Online

If you are just starting to chat with someone, consider not sending any sexual pictures to them. Someone else may end up seeing your nudes, and we both know this is not cool.

Conduct Some Research If You Feel You Need More Information About the Person You Are Dating

You can do both financial and security background checks CORE Security and Investigations Group, and Consultants. It is okay not to feel contented with what you know.

Rules for Dating When You Have Kids

As a single mom, your kids are the ones you most care about. You never want to do anything that will compromise your kids' happiness. So, if you need to date and move on, you have to adhere to the following rules when you have kids:

You Have to Set Schedules for Your Relationship to Work Best

Let your kids stay with your ex during weekends. That way, you can concentrate on your relationship with your boyfriend. You also need to set night at least once a week for a date with your kids. This allows you to concentrate on your relationship. It is important to schedule your activities properly so that everyone can be happy.

Set Boundaries

Establish boundaries for time with both your kids and your boyfriend. That way, no one will feel like they are under pressure or left out of family matters. Also, you need to let your kids know when they can enter your bedroom. You should also set boundaries with your co-parent if you feel it is necessary.

Create Time for Your Romantic Relationship

Of course, you can't sit there waiting to find time for your boyfriend. Create time by maybe hiring a babysitter for a night and have a good time with your boyfriend. Welcoming a new person into a family can be challenging for single moms. But things will be better if you learn how to balance your responsibilities and your dating life.