Help with Bills in Hawaii

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Hawaii

Single mothers who are experiencing a financial crisis can receive utility assistance from a few organizations. The organizations aim to help families and individual in need. These services significantly reduce the cost living and allows single mothers to give their families a comfortable lifestyle. This article will discuss some of these organizations and how to access the assistance programs offered.

Help with Electricity Bill in Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric has several programs that offer electrical bill assistance in the form of a financial grant to households in need.  Single mothers who are low-income earners can arrange payment options and other facilities to assist in keeping their payments manageable. The service provider has partnered with no-profits, businesses, and the community to develop these programs that will effectively assist those in need.

Help with Heating Bill

Hawaii Energy assists families and individuals to afford their investment in heating efficiency. They educate single moms on how to make the most cost-effective improvements. The designed their program to tackle three areas and they are:

  1. Financial help in the form of discounts on materials, equipment and labor for the installation of insulators.
  2. Free facility analysis to identify areas where the most energy is used. This allows for them to lower their electricity bill in months.

Help with Healthcare/ Medical Bill in Hawaii

Help, Understanding and Group Support (HUGS) is a non-profit organization the support to families to assist them to overcome challenges they are faced with. They provide programs that cater for financial and emotional support to those that need help. They help out single moms to care for their chronically ill children. The HUGS assistance program includes hospital visits, financial assistance, peer support activities, referrals to community resources, and emergency airfare.

Help with Transportation Bill in Hawaii

Hawaii Transport Services (HTS) provides transportation to the community. They offer door to door assistance. Their facility allows them to also help those in a wheelchair or in need of gurney service. Their wheelchair and gurney accessible van is fitted with all the securing seat belts and straps to secure the person safely.

Help with Food / Meals in Hawaii

A non-profit organization known as Aloha Harvest gathers the excess food and distributes it to the multiple social service agencies that assist in feeding the hungry. These agencies can be food banks, pantries or other organizations that offer food assistance to Pacific Islanders or Native Hawaiians.

Help with Household Item in Hawaii

The Honolulu Habitat for Humanity runs a non-profit home improvement store known as the Honolulu ReStore. At the store, shoppers find items such as furniture, home décor, building materials and appliances. The profits from the store are used to fund Habitat’s work to preserve and build homes for hard-working, low-income families. By repurposing and reusing items at ReStore the island’s sidewalks and landfills are kept clean and empty.

Help with Clothes in Hawaii

Assistance League of Hawaii is a nonprofit organization that conducts several philanthropic programs in Hawaii. Their thrift shop is the primary source of finance for the other programs they do. They have clothes for men, women and children, as well as shoes, and accessories.

The Bella Project provides new and gently worn prom dresses as well as accessories for free to underprivileged girls in high school. The organization receives support from donors, volunteers, individuals, and corporate partners in the community. The Bella Project helps hundreds of low income, critically ill, special needs, and military high school girls every year. They assist any high school girl who is unable to buy her own prom dress. There are no requirements for the proof of financial need. However, there are guidelines which the applicants are expected to align with.