Housing Assistance in Missouri

It may be hard to survive as a family because of economic reasons. Being a parent is not something we can describe as easy. Being a single mother can require more responsibility and more strength. You should know that several federal and local institutions assist financial support to make your life easier. These programs are supported by the federal government or local people in Missouri. These opportunities can make an important difference in your financial situation. Keep reading and find the ones that suits you best!

Missouri Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Missouri The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is one of the most popular programs across the country considering single mothers. LIHEAP has two branches in Missouri. These are the Energy Assistance/Regular Heating (EA) and the Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECIP). Low-income single mothers in Missouri specifically should apply to the Energy Assistance during October, November, December, January, February, March. If single mothers apply to the Energy Assistance and they can be considered eligible for this program, the Energy Assistance provides cash support for their heating bills. On the other hand, the Energy Crisis Assistance Program offers cash support to single mothers for their energy bills. Both of these programs can be a lifesaver especially if you are having a hard time. If you would like to learn more about Missouri LIHEAP, please visit https://dss.mo.gov/fsd/energy-assistance/liheap-contractor-supplier-information/agency-online-access.htm.

Missouri Agency on Aging

Being a single mother is not always being a young woman with children. Aged single moms need more help in order to take care of their household. That is why Missouri Agency on Aging is an opportunity for senior residents in Missouri. If you are older enough and eligible for the requirements of this program, you can have financial assistance. This institution prioritizes senior residents not only for financial reasons but also for legal advice. If you are having problems with your homeowner or confused about something else, please visit https://health.mo.gov/seniors/aaa/.

Transitional Housing Services

Transitional Housing Services in Missouri offers housing assistance for homeless residents or about to become homeless people because of forced eviction. These houses may be temporary but they help you to improve your occupational skills until you become financially independent. This empowering program can provide you with a safe home and educational opportunities in improving your financial condition. If you are interested in these services, find out more information at https://doc.mo.gov/programs/missouri-reentry-process/transitional-housing-units.

Missouri HeatShare Program

Missouri HeatShare Program is initiated by the local Salvation Army. Its main purpose is to assist with the utility bills of low-income families. Single mothers who are struggling to pay their bills can apply to this program. To find out more information, please visit https://www.utilitybillassistance.com/.

Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESG)

Emergency Solutions Grants Program helps homeless people is to assist a safe and affordable house for homeless people as soon as possible. As the name suggests, it is an emergency solution. This is a government-funded program in Missouri. Single mothers who are in urgent need of housing assistance may apply to this program. If you are interested in this program, please visit http://www.mhdc.com/ci/esg/index.htm.

The Camillus House Grants

The Camillus House Grants are supporting single mothers who need necessities such as home and food. The Camillus House Grants aware of the difficulties that single mothers have to cope with in daily life. They offer financial support for single moms in Missouri. To find out more about this local institution, please follow this link


Housing First Program

Housing First Program is a government-funded project that aims to help homeless people who require stable homes and basic human needs. Low-income single mothers who are about to become homeless or who have some problems with their landlords can apply to this program in order to live in a safe house with thier children. Please visit https://ded.mo.gov/media/pdf/chapter-25-housing-counseling-public-servicesv10 for more information.

Housing and Financial Counseling/Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

Apart from charity-based organizations and government-funded programs, you can look for help in the nearest Catholic Church. Housing and Financial Counseling provides cash support, rent support, and financial guidance for homeless families. They can provide a new home for people who are in need. Single mothers who are about to be evicted can consult these charities. Keep in mind that your annual earnings should be under 30 percent compared to your area. To apply to this organization, please visit https://ccsomo.org/housing-services/.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a local non-governmental organization whose mission is to help homeless women and families. The Kitchen has an Emergency Shelter Program in Missouri. If you apply to this program and you are qualified, they can provide your family with a home until you can get on your feet back. If you are interested in this organization, please find out more at https://www.thekitcheninc.org/our-programs/emergency-shelter/.

Safe to Sleep of Churches

This is another church-based organization in Missouri that aims at providing shelter for women who are in need of housing. Safe to Sleep is a local organization that is supported by other churches and residents. This local institution provides housing assistance particularly for women, particularly single mothers. Sngle mothers who need housing assistance can benefit from this opportunity. To find out more, please visit https://ccozarks.org/programs/safe-to-sleep/.