Grants for Single Mothers in New York

New York is rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world. With the high cost of living in the state; single mothers in New York might not find life so easy. Financial worries are hard to overcome, especially when you are in a city that is several times more expensive than the average ones in the country.

Well, there is some good news; the state of New York has implemented some programs that will help low-income families as well as single mothers in the state to get the basic things of life like housing, education, Medicare and nutrition. The only thing expected of you is to know where to get these help.

That is the reason why you are here anyway, and we are also determined to help you with a list of the grants you can access as a single mom in New York


Despite the glamorous lifestyle a large chunk of the population lives in New York, there is hunger in the city at the same time. Fortunately, there are lots of private and public agencies that are involved in the provision of food and other needs to single mothers. With, you can get an online map to locate community kitchens and food pantries that serve good food. You don’t have to go hungry with all these free food services at your disposal.

Foreclosure Relief Unit

If you are having issues with your mortgage payment or you are facing foreclosure, you might need some professional assistance. The Foreclosure Relief Unit is an initiative of the Department of Financial Services of New York, and it is aimed at helping families and individuals in foreclosure issues

You will be under so much pressure and stress when your home is in foreclosure. It is highly important that you have a counselor that can help and guide you, so you don’t fall for scams. You can get more information on your rights to foreclosure HERE or call 888-995-HOPE

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)

Single moms in New York can tap into the Food Stamp Program, which provides families that are on a limited income with means to purchase nutritious foods. Under this SNAP initiative, beneficiaries will be issued Electronic Benefits Card they can use to buy foods at selected retail outlets. Single moms can apply for the SNAP benefits via the DHS’ Food Service Office: 866-632-999 or

Head Start Program

The Head Start program in New York is aimed at providing childcare assistance and also offer help to young children from the age of 5 years and below to help them enhance behavioral and social skills. Single moms with low-income are eligible for the program. Call 866-763-6481

Free Legal Help

Single moms in New York with low income can connect with Law Help to get access to numerous free legal information and services in the state. There are lots of legal firms in the state of New York that offers free legal services in various areas to residents of the state. You can call 212-577-3300 to get in touch with the Legal Aid Society’s Headquarters

Career & Workforce Centers

This program is focused on helping single mothers, and the unemployed find a new job as well as providing them with the needed experience through training, especially to the ones who already hold a position. They have lots of offices across the state, and their services come without charges. Connect with them via this Hotline: 518-457-900

Energy Company Programs

There are a host of energy companies in the state that offers cash grant to single mothers. Single moms can tap into their weatherization and disconnection prevention service. You can connect with the Home Energy Assistance Program, HEAP to get more information on eligibility and the many benefits you can get from the program; 800-342-300

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program

This program is designed to help single mothers in New York who need short-term cash assistance. They can then use the benefits to buy foods, pay for their housing and childcare, and many other basic needs. The DHS will provide you with more information on how to apply.

Healthcare Assistance

One of the problems most single mothers in New York face is healthcare. Most times, the available policies are quite costly, and it is important that you are able to access quality health services alongside your children.

You can access Medicaid, which is a federal program and offers a wide range of medical assistance to low-income families in the state. To confirm if you are eligible for the program, you can check the link below.

Family Assistance Program

This is a federal program, and it provides temporary cash assistance to low-income families in the state. If you wish to apply, you are required to have a child who is under the age of 18 and also expected to meet up with some federal work requirements.